Camden, New Jersey


Crystal Covell's Story

Jamie Woods is one of Crystal's New Jersey friends. She and Andrew were the two people Crystal always hung out with and considered her "best friends". Shortly after meeting Crystal for the first time (when they were kids), she dyed her hair pink, and kept it that way until age 16, when she finally decided to dye it back to her natural color (blonde). Crystal and Andrew forgot what her natural hair color was because they were so used to her having pink hair. Like them, she is also pretty good on a skateboard. But her skating ability doesn't match up to Andrew's or Crystal's, and she is the weakest skater of the three.


Jamie has straight, medium-long pink hair that is naturally blonde. She has white skin and hazel eyes. She is 5'6, slightly shorter than Crystal.

It has been said that Crystal met Jamie when they were both six, and Jamie dyed her hair on her seventh birthday and kept it until she was 17, when she decided to go back to blonde.


Jamie has no known personality.


  • Jamie is one of three characters that was NOT created by EpicnezzEmily (The other two being Andrew and Eric). Jamie was created by Emily's sister.
  • It is confirmed that Jamie will not appear in Crystal's College Years or Crystal: Defending My Title.
    • However, she will be mentioned in the third book, as it will dig deeper into Crystal's past.
  • In the third book, Crystal says that Jamie's mom is a hairdresser, thus explaining why Jamie was able to dye her hair pink when she was only 7 years old.
  • The third book reveals that Crystal had to live with Jamie's family for three years, due to getting evicted because she lacked money.

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