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Emily, the author of the series.




December 12, 1998 (age 19)


Sophomore (college)

Emily L is the author of the Crystal Covell series.

She is not only a user here, but she is also the founder of this wiki under the username EpicnezzEmily.

She refuses to reveal her last name, but according to official artwork, her last initial is L.

Random facts about EmilyEdit

Emily has green eyes and dirty blonde hair with blonde highlights. She also has freckles, though for some reason they are only on the left side of her face. She is unsure why this is.

She is a sophomore in college.

Emily enjoys acting, singing, drawing, writing, rapping, and being on the Internet.

Emily lives in Connecticut, but refuses to specify where. She is attending college in Franklin, Massachusetts. She is majoring in theater.

She has a younger brother and sister, both 17, that are twins. She lives with her mother and her father. She has a black and white cat named Pico and a brown whippet named Hank.

Emily claims herself to be introverted. She doesn't really enjoy socializing with people for too long unless it is with someone close to her. She has a quite a few aquaintances, but there aren't many people who are truly close to her. She has said that her friend Brian is probably closer to her than anyone else. 

Emily has a mild case of Asperger's syndrome, which she was diagnosed with at age 10. She also has mild to moderate OCD, which she is currently on medication for.

She had an IQ of 120 when she was only nine years old.

Emily identifies herself as an INTP (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving), though she has previously typed as ISFP (around age 12-14) and INFP (around age 15-16). She states that the ISFP mistype was due to her not really understanding MBTI in depth and not knowing about the cognitive functions, and the INFP mistype was because she was going through a rough time in her life and therefore made her think she was Fi-dominant, Te-inferior when she is actually Ti-dominant and Fe-inferior.

In the Four Temperament Ensemble, she considers herself to be "phlegmatic with a dash of melancholic".

Her two biggest passions are acting and music. She was in a theater program from 7th-9th grade until it closed. She got into her school's drama club at the start of high school and stayed with them until she graduated. She has also done some theater at an all-boys' school her dad previously worked at. She is currently a theater major in college. though she was unable to get a part in anything until her sophomore year.

As for music, she is a fairly capable singer and can even rap. She can play piano, bass, and guitar to a degree, though she tends to primarily play by ear.

She is also an amateur artist. She draws in her spare time, to kill time, but it's not something she'd like to actually pursue, and prefers to keep it as just a hobby. She is also programming a dating simulation game with princesses as the romance interests. She has a wiki for it.

Other ProjectsEdit

  • Royalty Free - a princess dating simulator (Released September 1st, 2016) (wiki link is above)
  • Halloween - a cartoon show (currently just a concept, but a very fleshed out one)